Curriculum Vitae


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PhD in Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction
University of Trento
MSc in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science
University of Padova
BSc in Psychology, Psychobiology and Cognitive Science
University of Padova


Visiting PhD Student
TU Berlin and T-Mobile Labs – Berlin, Germany
FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento
Student researcher (and teaching experience)
HTLab, University of Padova
Visiting Student
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT) and
Multitouch Ltd – Helsinki, Finland

Erasmus Student
UCL, University College of London


I graduated in Psychology in 2008 and then I completed my MSc in Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science in 2012: during these years I gained proficiency in different domains of psychology and cognitive science including visual perception and attention; psycholinguistics and cognitive development; artificial intelligence and ergonomics. My academic degree covers an integrate knowledge of classical general and experimental psychology as well as methodological and statistical approaches to the study of human mind and behaviour.

I truly have a passion for all the topics connected with applied psychology, especially in applying psychological concepts to technology design and evaluation.
Early in my studies I decided to specialise in Human-Computer Interaction, working as a student researcher at Human Technology Lab (HTLab) and then moving to Trento to pursue my PhD and working at the i3 unit at FBK.
I have also tried different international academic and professional experiences during my studies: in 2008 I was granted an Erasmus scholarship and I spent four months at the University College of London (UK); in 2010 I was involved in a three-month internship at the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology and at Multitouch / Multitaction Ltd (Helsinki, Finland) with support from Erasmus Work Placement scholarship, and in 2014 I visited the Telekom Innovation Labs (T-Labs) in Berlin. This experiences provide me hands-on practice with a high multidisciplinary approach on a number of advanced topics, such as interactive surfaces, public displays and ubiquitous technologies.

I earned my PhD in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at University of Trento in 2015 and I am now a post-doc researcher and UX designer at FBK – Fondazione Bruno Kessler.