Stop gender-based violence through human rights education

Coordinator: Amnesty Italy 🇮🇹
Partners: FBK 🇮🇹, University of Trento 🇮🇹, Amnesty Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Amnesty Slovenia 🇸🇮 and Amnesty Poland 🇵🇱

The project aims to prevent and combat gender-based violence (including cyber violence) among young people within formal and non-formal learning settings, by addressing masculinities and increasing the engagement of men and boys in supporting the development of non-violent relationships.

StandByMe provides a suite of tools for the development of interactive educational paths co- created with young people, their educators and teachers, to tackle prejudices, negative stereotypes and sexism.

The final goal is to promote a culture of mutual tolerance, critical thinking and social inclusion through inter-cultural and inter-community learning, in order to raise awareness on the phenomenon, mitigate potential damages caused by gender-based violence, and reduce the problems associated with reporting of (early signs of) violence, its dark numbers and victimization.