Enriching circular use of OERs for Education

Coordinator: Univesity of Pisa (🇮🇹)
Partners: FBK (🇮🇹), University of Salamanca (🇪🇸), University of Padova (🇮🇹), Chalmers University (🇸🇪), Hellenic Open University (🇬🇷), Adecco France (🇫🇷), Mylia (🇮🇹), Knowledge FOundation @ Reutlingen University (🇩🇪), Reccoinatre (🇫🇷), Beam me up (🇮🇹), Valuedo (🇮🇹), EADTU (🇳🇱)

ENCORE is an Eramus+ project (Alliances for Innovation) that integrates cutting-edge data-driven techniques and a qualitative pedagogical approach to foster the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and the ESCO taxonomy of skills. Its main objective is to contribute to the teaching and recognition of skills that are most affected by current macro trends by leveraging the knowledge contained within OERs. The ENCORE approach combines data-driven tools for teaching design with pedagogical guidelines. It guides teachers towards the proper design of courses with learning outcomes linked to skills that assist students in addressing the challenges posed by digitalization, climate change, and post-COVID economic recovery.